Assault Bonds

For many years, our company has a reputation of assisting those in need of bail services to be released from jail. We are highly experienced with wide knowledge and resources to bail you out anytime. We are extremely discreet and reliable, so you can be sure that you are in the best hands possible. If you happen to get arrested for assault or even battery charges you need to contact us for efficient professional help. We have an extensive proven record of securing assault bonds for assault arrests for many of our clients. This is because we know how the local jail system works, hence we find a way to get you released as quickly as possible after posting assault bonds.

An assault can either be classified as a felony charge or a misdemeanor depending on how severe the crime is. Assault is defined by the court as any form of violence infringed on another person. An assault charge is normally accompanied with a hefty jail time especially if weapons were involved.

A charge is considered as assault under these circumstances:-

  1. Imposing bodily injury on someone
  2. Threatening someone with bodily injury
  • Deliberately causing physical contact in a provocative manner

If you find yourself charged with any of the above and find yourself in jail you need to get in touch with usso that we can assist in arranging your assault bond bail. Our experienced in bail bond experts will be at your service to help you get out of jail to prepare for your trial. You have a right to a bail hearing and that is why we quickly move to process your assault bond.  When you are out of jail, we work together to prepare your defense as you await trial for we know how important freedom is to you.

We understand how complex assault charges are and that is why we work round the clock to prepare a strong defense so that your case can be resolved as quickly as possible. Be assured that we are well versed with the law, especially when it pertains to assault bail bonds.