Child Support Bonds

Surprisingly, child support arrest warrants are quite common in this day and age because many parents do not take the issue of child support seriously. Many judges do not take it lightly the issue of unpaid child support, hence bear in mind that if you do not end up paying your child support, it is a sure way of being arrested. As a parent and you owe unpaid child support, the other parent can go before a judge and ask for a hearing that will make you to be held in contempt of court. You will eventually be served with a document explaining that you are ordered to attend the hearing in court.

The Process

While at the court you must explain clearly why you have not been paying the support you owe. If you are ordered to appear in court and you fail to do so, a warrant for your arrest will be issued and that’s how you will end up in jail. However, you can attend the hearing as required, but the judge can still put you behind bars for violating the order to pay child support.

Nevertheless, you need not worry because our company through our trained employees will help you convince the judge that things are not as they appear and you are not an irresponsible parent. We shall help you convince the judge the reasons why you haven’t paid.We can show the judge that you have not been working, hence the lack of an income be the reason as to why you have not paid.

Get Bailed Out

Our experts shall also assist you to give a clear explanation to the judge as to why you did not plead for a modification hearing when you realized that you did not have an income to meet your support obligation. Eventually we assist you get a child support bond so that you can get out there and find a meansof providing for child support. A judge cannot jail a parent because he/she will not be able to earn money to make child support payments. We ensure that we work with you so that you find a way to keep paying for child support.