Domestic Violence Bonds

Arrest charges for alleged domestic violence are quite serious and should be taken very seriously due to the consequences thereafter. When you are in for domestic violence charges it means you had a deliberate intention to harm your accuser either through injury, a threat or assault. Domestic violence is not only physical, but also emotional abuse. Sexual abuse is also under domestic violence either via marital rape or brutal physical abuse. When you are faced with domestic charges you need to contact our company so that we can help you get domestic violence bail bondthat works the same way as other criminal bail bonds.

Our Experience Stands Out

Our experienced experts will get you through a bail bond application so that you can make bail. You can either make bail through cash or bond and get released within four hours. We assure you that we have the skills, experience and knowledge to represent you well. You can trust us for we know how serious Domestic violence charges are and that they can have serious repercussions.

What we do is that we ensure that these charges do not keep you in jail, hence we approach the judge to grant you bail before the court date is due. Once we get you a domestic violence bond, you get released from jail and wait for the trial as you go on with your business out of jail. However, if you have a restraining order you will need to strictly adhere to it for it can lead to your bail being revoked meaning you will get arrested.

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Once you are released and are out on bail, you will have to ensure you follow the restrictions laid down for if you fail to do that you risk being returned to jail. A judge or magistrate will put up any kind of restrictions that they feel you need to adhere to so as to keep your accuser safe. That is why you need to work with our company because we shall ensure that you follow all the restrictions of your bail and do not end up going back to jail.