How it works

Bail Bond Process

If you listen to the news often, it is possible that you have heard about court dates being set, bail being determined and posted among other things. While this is common, it does not necessarily mean that you understand the ins and outs of the bail process. Whenever you or a loved one has been arrested, you need to get in touch with our agents at Los Angeles Bail Bonds to help you through this process. It is still important to know how the bail bonds process works.

What Is Bail and How Is It Set?

Bail is a surety that is paid to the court in order to ensure that an accused shows up for their court date instead of absconding or fleeing. This money has to be paid before you can be released from jail pending trial. In some cases, a bail bondsman will draw up a bond and provide surety to the court in form of partial payment of bail.

It is a judge that sets the amount of bail based on factors such as your criminal history, your employment status, your ties to society and your ability and means to flee if released from jail. The severity of the crime also contributes to setting your bail amount.

Posting Bail

Whenever you call Los Angeles Bail Bonds, you need to have the name of whoever has been arrested and the jail they are being held at. With this information, our bail agents can find out more information about the booking number, offense and the amount of bail that has been set. Our agents then draw up a bond to act as a surety that you will be present at the predetermined court date. In other cases, the bond is paid in full or in part. After bail is paid, you are assured of release within a short period of time, at most a few hours. The process of getting released depends on whether or not the jail is overcrowded.

Do You Recover the Amount?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether you get your money back once the trial is done. This depends on whether the accused showed up to every court date. Once you attend every court proceeding during the trial, then any amount that you deposited as part of bail is returned to you. However, this does not apply to the premium paid to a bail bondsman as a bail premium. This acts as a fee paid out so that the bail agent can act as a surety to the court that you will show up for trial. If, you do not show up for court, then the money put up as bail is forfeited unless you present yourself to the authorities within the stipulated amount of time.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds has the most qualified bail agents in the region. Our bail bondsmen are widely experienced and reliable in service provision. Therefore, if you are looking for a bail bondsman, contact us today as we are available all day and night.