Immigration Bail Bond

Many people who have been arrested before, know too well how hard it is to get out of custody. It isnot an easy process at all. This process requires a professional company to handle all the complications involved. To help you out, our company looks at the type of bail bond that can assist you to get out of jail and resume your normal life. One of the bonds offered is immigration bail bond. Let us see how it works:-

You need to contact us the moment you or your friend ends up getting arrested and detained due to immigration causes. When the authority suspects that you are an undocumented immigrant, you end up getting arrested and put into custody. Only an immigration bond will secure your release from custody as you wait to appear in court. However, immigration bonds are not granted to anyone but only to detainees who meet specified qualifications.

There are two ways that have been legalized to pay for an immigration bond

  1. Cash bond – What happens is a full bond amount is paid directly to the court, but it is later on refunded once one attends all hearings and proceedings in an immigration court. Cash bond is normally paid via cash, but also you can pay using a check or money order.
  2. Surety bond–Our Company works with your family to grant you a surety bond where we charge 15-20% of the total bond given. One thing that should be understood when it comes to this method is that any collateral or money given is not refundable.

Our company has experts who are experienced in immigration bail bonds matters, hence you can be assured that you will get the necessary assistance. We assure you that we shall get you out of custody as soon as possible by ensuring that you do not miss court appearances so that your case can be settled. We also plead with the immigration judge to set a favorable bond to get you out of custody. You do not need to go any further to get help for we are here to ensure you are out of jail and living your life as a free citizen.