Violation of Probation Bonds

Penalties for a Violation of Probation can be extremely severe for one, could face increased penalties and also prison time. That is why you need our services so that we can help you out with your case. When youare accused of violating your probationary terms, it can lead to a maximum sentence for the original charge given by the judge. Getting a probation bond is not that easy that is why our company does its best so that the judge can listen to our plea and make a determination on the bond.

You should note that the moment you are charged with violation of probation it does not mean that the bond will be set automatically. This is because the judge must review the report on allegations provided so as to determine a violation of probation bond. A violation of probation occurs when you fail to report to your probation officer, or failure to complete counseling and class as ordered by the courtor failure to pay criminal restitution.

At instances when a judge issues a zero bond on the violation of parole, we move to a motion that mandates filing of a bond. Our trained and qualified staff does their best to prepare our clients to address the court well and give accurate information so that bond can be considered. We have for over many years defended our clients against violations of probation and the harsh penalties that accompany the conviction. We take our time to enlighten our clients about their rights and defenses that accompany their particular charge. We do all this and ensure that your bail is posted right away. We understand the whole process, which makes us complete the task in a very short period of time.

While it appears to be a humongous task to have your bail bond posted due to the nature of the probation cases, you need not to worry since we have the relevant experience to ensure that you will not spend another day in custody. Give us a call today to get free estimates on our bail bond services.