What we offer

Different Types of Bail Offered

At Los Angeles Bail Bonds, we know how hectic getting arrested can get. That is why we provide bail bonds services to ensure that you get out of jail as fast as possible. Whenever you are locked up in jail, regardless of the crime, you can get restless. This is especially true for those who have to wait a long time before going to trial. You do not want to be cooped up in a jail cell waiting for the trial to be over. Once your bail is set, you want to leave jail and start working on your defense immediately. Our team of experts ensures that this is possible through the different bail bonds we offer. These include:

Felony Bonds

If you are arrested and the charge leveled against you is classified as a felony, then you need to be worried. It does not matter whether the crime was committed using violence or not. You still have to get an attorney as soon as possible to handle the situation. We have bail bonds for felony charges which will help to get you out of jail in the shortest time possible. This provides you with more time for your defense.

Assault Bonds

Assault charges can be leveled against misdemeanors or even battery. As long as you have physically attacked someone, you can be arrested for it. Once your bail is determined and the court date is set, you need to get in touch with Los Angeles Bail Bonds as we have bonds that cover the offense. We work fast to ensure that you do not have to spend another night in lockup.

Domestic Violence Bonds

If you are arrested on domestic violence charges, you may also have a restraining order against you from the accuser. However, this should not keep you in jail if the judge grants you bail before the court date. With our domestic violence bond, you can leave jail and carry on with your life as you wait for the trial. If there is a restraining order against you, it is mandatory that you adhere to it otherwise your bail could be revoked.

Misdemeanor Bonds

When you are arrested on a misdemeanor, it can get frustrating to stay in jail over a small matter. We provide misdemeanor bonds to ensure that you do not stay in jail over the offense. Instead, we help you get out as quickly as possible so you can start the search for a lawyer who will handle your case in court.

Child Support Bonds

Paying child support can be a very tricky issue. Sometimes you do not have enough money to cover the costs and end up arrested. You did not intentionally abscond but somehow you find yourself in jail over the matter. Before your court date, the court will grant you bail as surety that you will not flee or refuse to attend the trial. We provide child support bail bonds to help you get out of jail as soon as possible. Once you are out, you can get an attorney to represent you as you keep working hard to save up on the money that you owe in child support. If you stayed in jail, you would still have back payment and would not be doing anything productive towards covering this amount. This is why bail is important.

Violation of Probation Bonds

Violation of probation is one of the trickiest situations you can find yourself in when asking for the judge to grant you bail. If you are already in violation of you release terms, the court will be reluctant to grant you bail. However, if you do get the option to stay out of jail through bail, we provide probation violation bonds.

Drug Offense Bonds

If you are caught peddling, distributing or in possession of drugs, you will be arrested. These are serious crimes and often have a significantly higher bail amount if you are to get out of jail before the trial. At Los Angeles Bail Bonds, we recognize the gravity of this situation and therefore provide you with an expertly written bond to get you out of jail. With this freedom, you can contact an attorney to handle your court case, which you will attend.

Weapons Offenses and Violations Bonds

Weapons offenses and violations are not taken lightly by the law. Once you have violated any of the rules and regulations concerning possession and handling of weapons, you will definitely get arrested. These charges are very serious especially when they are linked to other criminal acts such as robbery with violence. At Los Angeles Bail Bonds, our experts have experience with these types of offenses and therefore we will provide you with a properly written bond for your release. Owing to the nature of this offense, you will need to look for a good attorney to represent you in court and you can get a head start by leaving jail early.

Regardless of the offense that you have committed, it is your constitutional right to get released on bail. However, whether or not you receive bail will depend on the severity of the crime as well as your criminal record and the laws governing provision of bail. The amount set will depend on these factors as well. Once your bail is set by the court, you do not have to stay in jail until the trial is over. Instead, you can get bail bonds from our experts who work tirelessly so that you can be out of lockup immediately.

By providing the court with a bail bond, we undertake the responsibility of ensuring that you show up for all of your court dates. It is therefore important to know these requirements to ensure that you do not violate any and end up in more trouble than before. At Los Angeles Bail Bonds, we have bonds for all offenses and so you are sure to find one. Additionally, we are on call 24 hours a day so you can get in touch with us whether it is during the day or at night.